I am a sensitive artist


Elated, engaged, paying customers.

That’s what every business wants.

Unfortunately, we find ourselves focusing on the other stuff:  Reducing costs, standing up a PMO, documentation standards, assigning blame, and so on.

But what we all really want are happy customers.  And happy customers tend to bring more happy customers.

So, at REBEL Consulting, we start there.

And back our way into an alignment of leadership, culture, teams, principles and mission which are all aimed at this one single goal of elating customers.  Yes, we are implementers of SCRUM and witnesses of the transformational capabilities.  Yes, we leverage many of the teachings of Lean and many other processes and methodologies as we walk this journey with you and your customers.

But it is important to understand that we are evangelists for these methodologies in support of realizing elated, engaged, and paying customers.

Our drivers are business drivers.

Our goal is to help your business.


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